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Security maximised, vulnerability minimised.


All property can be a target for crime but using a minimum of Full HD1080p resolution and 4K currently, our skilled team of engineers will assess your requirements and design and install a system capable of producing the necessary results.


From multi unit camera installations for Metropolitan Councils to a single purchase our advanced video technology systems are designed in consideration of; the environment, lighting, IP ratings, security and privacy, as well as many other factors before being installed. Systems are re-deployable and compatible with both IP and 4G upgrades.


Whether you are ready to tackle antisocial behaviour in the area or simply require the upgraded security, we can prepare the unit to suit your needs.


• Full HD1080p Resolution

• 4K

• Lightfinder Nightsight Technology

• Integration into existing CCTV

• Immediate Remote Access

• Video Analytic Options

• Full Service Contract available


Units can be purchased or hired for any length of time. Please contact us and a specialist will assist

“Our relationship with Remington Hall is critical in evidencing anti social behaviour and taking formal action. Their prompt response in installing CCTV ensures that we are quick to capture the images we need to progress with taking legal action and progressing cases to court. They are a professional and highly responsive organisation that has become an integral part of our anti social behaviour tool kit.”
Area Housing Manager, Peabody

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