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Compatible with any resolution of our CCTV installations, it is now possible to upgrade an existing analogue camera system with an IP system, allowing the footage to be viewed remotely. Once Networked, we can provide you with full access to your CCTV System wherever you are to monitor live events, review previously recorded footage or download any required events for use as evidence.


Access can be made via PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone with or without SMS or Email Triggers for such things as motion detection.


These Hybrid systems allow older CCTV systems to have all the advantages of a new IP system with remote access and live web browser viewing. Upgrading a current installation not only saves you funds, but also gives your systems the upgrades that may not have been an option at the time.


• Remote Access Set Up and Tutorial
• Various CMS/VMS Software Options
• Additional Analytic Add-ons Available

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