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Covert CCTV installation in London

Covert CCTV installation in London

CCTV installation in London

Remington Hall has recently installed a series of covert cameras in a block of flats, which had long term issues. We were instructed by one of the local authorities to monitor and provide CCTV images as proof of wrong doing, so that they were able to take action…

Whilst remaining legal and compliant, Remington Hall are able to assess your needs to design and build a unit that will be secure, discreet and effective within the environment to optimise the devices full capabilities.

Our covert cameras, with just a 1mm lens, are concealed in housings which are specifically designed to blend in with the environment they are to be installed in. Despite their small size, they produce Full HD1080p video footage, whilst remaining undetectable and can be accessed remotely. Our lenses can record in full colour and automatically switch to black and white in low light, for a clear, sharp image. Our units can also record audio, if required.

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