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Covert CCTV Equipment

Remington Hall provide Covert CCTV Equipment for situations that arise which require the use of covert camera equipment and covert audio recorders to combat crime.

Whilst remaining legal and compliant, Remington Hall are able to assess your needs to design and build a unit that will be secure, discreet and effective within the environment to optimise the devices full capabilities.

Our covert cameras, with just a 1mm lens, are concealed in housings which are specifically designed to blend in with the environment they are to be installed in. Despite their small size, they produce Full HD1080p video footage, whilst remaining undetectable and can be accessed remotely. Our lenses can record in full colour and automatically switch to black and white in low light, for a clear, sharp image. Our units can also record audio, if required.

• 1mm Pinhole Lense
• Full HD1080p Resolution
• Effective Low Lux (light) Capability
• Specialised manufactured housing options
• 100% Un-compromised record
• Motion Sensor

Units can be purchased or hired for any length of time. Please contact us and a specialist will assist.


“Providing and installing covert cameras successfully without drawing attention is an extremely specialist field and one which Remington Hall has improved and perfected over the last 20 years without ever being compromised.”

“In 2013 Remington Hall installed a HD covert camera in one of our blocks to assist in management of a neighbour dispute. Tragically, another resident in the same block was murdered. The clarity of the camera footage from Remington Hall recovered by Police was pivotal in the successful prosecution of the perpetrator.”
Senior Housing Officer, Family Mosaic

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