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CCTV systems

Covert and Overt CCTV systems

Remington Hall provide CCTV surveillance for local councils, Housing Trusts, Property Companies, Estate Agents, and Landlords. We are experts in Social Housing Security, Camera System Upgrades and helping to tackle Anti Social Behaviour. When utilised correctly, one of our professionally installed CCTV systems will not only deter crime, but provide vital evidence in the unfortunate event that a crime is committed.

Home Office Regulations specify that in order to ‘Recognise’ an individual they must occupy at least 50% of the screen and to successfully ‘Identify’ they must occupy 100% of the screen. Unfortunately Met Police state 80% of CCTV is ineffective in court due to outdated resolution and technology.

Although our experienced engineers will install a minimum of Full HD 1080p resolution, our standard systems are 4MP upwards, so at least double the quality of Full HD 1080p. This ensures our systems are capable of recording images and video feeds which are sufficiently clear for identification purposes, comply with legal restrictions and will result in successful prosecutions in court.

Low resolution CCTV Systems such as Cloud Based Systems which have severe limited screen resolution, fall significantly short for ‘Identifying’ purposes resulting in pixelated blurred images. 

At Remington Hall we only provide high resolution camera systems ensuring we are the 20% of CCTV that is effective in court. With superior image quality at our disposal, and recording secured onsite but available remotely via our 4G Gateways or Broadband connection, data is safe and easily accessed remotely with the knowledge that the video evidence will never be compromised.