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Remote access solutions for CCTV systems

Covert CCTV installation in London

CCTV installation in London Remington Hall has recently installed a series of covert cameras in a block of flats, which had long term issues. We were instructed by one of the local authorities to monitor and provide CCTV images as proof of wrong doing, so that they were able to take action… Whilst remaining legal and compliant, Remington Hall are able to assess your needs to design and build a unit that will be secure, discreet and effective within the environment to optimise the devices full capabilities. Our covert cameras, with just a 1mm lens, are concealed in housings which are specifically designed...

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Lockdown has increased the use of CCTV systems

Lockdown News With the lockdown still firmly in place, we have been installing more remote access solutions for CCTV systems, old and new, so the end user can review and download necessary video evidence without leaving the house. Our 4G Gateways are appearing all over London and are deployed for as little or long as you want - no contracts - easy……… Interested? Well Remote Access isn’t just a facility to look at recorded or live CCTV, it can also do much more than that - with the incredible advances in visual analytics, CCTV systems can be your extra pair of hands...

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