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4G / 5G Systems

4G/5G Systems


Remington Hall provide 4G/5G gateways for CCTV connectivity. When a broadband connection is not available but remote access is required for a system, we can supply our latest 4G/5G Gateways, specifically designed for use with our systems, enabling remote access to any installation, overt or covert, in any location, and is completely unrestrictive.

Unlike cloud based 4G providers, who subscribe their customers to a contract (normally a minimum of 1 year), we supply 4G/5G remote access on a month by month basis, for as long or as little as you want. Whats more, our monthly tariff is actually less than cloud based providers,  and all cameras on our system can be accessed on the single supply – with cloud based system you need a supply for each individual camera.

All recorded video footage from our system is 4MP Resolution as standard, which cloud based providers are unable to provide, being limited currently to 960 x 576 resolution and low frames per second, meaning our 4G/5G are far superior at providing remote access in the highest definition for use as evidence.

Cloud Based System

  • 960H Resolution (960 x 576 Pixels)
  • Low resolution reduces chance of identifying and prosecuting with CCTV evidence
  • Minimum contract 1 Year 
  • Records ALL data via streaming so dependant on consistent 4G signal (we’ve all been there!) 

Remington Hall 4G/5G System

  • 4MP Resolution as standard (2560 x 1440 Pixels)
  • High Resolution significantly increases identifying and prosecuting with CCTV evidence.
  • No Contract – Month by Month
  • Secure recording on site and system remotely accessible to download periods of footage you require – simple.

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